It’s about time

I’ve decided it’s time for me to start writing again. For years I’ve worked in journalism and publishing in some capacity, and I’ve kept scrapbooks galore for myself since college (it’s a compulsion) and posted links I like for Facebook friends until probably even the most tolerant are like, “Enough already, sheesh!” But job-wise I’m basically reading all day; I haven’t put my byline on anything for a while. I miss that.

More important, though, I feel like I’m losing my voice.

By nature I tend to be pretty quiet and reserved, which is probably why I’ve balked at blogging. Still, I miss writing about the things I’m interested in: the arts, health and fitness, food and travel. I’m not an expert on any of it, but I love, love learning and discovering new things. And that curiosity and enthusiasm is what I want to share.

So I’ll say it here, on this blog. I’ve always felt more comfortable writing than speaking anyway, and if I blog it here, at least I’ll be saying something rather than keeping it all to myself and feeling kind of mute and invisible.


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