Art in Action

Here are some photos I took of the children’s art from last night’s One Brick volunteer project at Art in Action (yeah, elementary schoolkids did these! They hang on bulletin boards in AiA‘s offices).

Inspirations: Georgia O’Keeffe and Wayne Thiebaud.

A study of Piet Mondrian’s Composition #2 beneath
a student production of a Byzantine-style mosaic

That’s an impressive take on Kandinsky, if you ask me! The work inspired
by Hokusai’s
The Great Wave got cut off, natch.

Just think of how all this is planting the seed. You may be starting the art history education of future artists and scholars, or at the very least instilling in future lawyers and software engineers and auto mechanics and restaurant owners a knowledge of and appreciation for artistic technique and the ability to identify the painterly signature of a particular artist.

And, for fun, check out this slice of Mondrian cake (actual cake, not frosting) by Caitlin Freeman.

(Top three photos taken with Instagram; bottom photo via Kate Spade New York)

Related: Mondrian for kids, via Brain Pickings.


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