Bike Basket Pies app

I was bummed when I heard that Bike Basket Pies, one of Sunset’s Top 100 Cultural Trends Shaping the West” (February 2011), was shutting down. Even though I lived too far away to take advantage of it, the whole concept had tickled me: a one-woman operation handmaking and delivering pies by bike throughout the city of San Francisco.

“Bike Basket Pies started as something really small—another job when I already had two, but something fun, something inspiring, and something to call my own,” owner Natalie Galatzer writes on her blog. “It quickly grew and kept getting just slightly bigger and bigger. At its current state, it consumes my time and life, and I don’t get to exercise the same creativity I did at its inception. I’m excited to find a new project to jump into.”

And here that new project is: a Bike Basket Pies app based on the booklet of Natalie’s seasonal pie recipes, with Minty Lewis illustrations. Came across it while browsing the App Store online. It’s not quite the same novelty as getting a homemade seasonal pie bike-delivered to your door, but the illos are fun and the recipe steps manageable. We’ll see how a first bake goes.

Update: Food Bikes Could Be Hottest New Trend (via PUBLIC Bikes)


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