Lone stargazer

Check out this magical Photo of the Day from National Geographic.

From the website description: “Lake Malawi, Africa. A stargazer looks into the endless cosmos as waves lap along a beach in Southern Malawi.”

It looks like someone took fistfuls of diamond dust and blew it over a velvet sky, doesn’t it? Reminds me too of the scene in The English Patient when Katharine (Kristin Scott Thomas) is sitting cross-legged on the desert sand dunes of Tunisia at night, watching the stars twinkle before a dust storm obliterates them.

I’ve always loved being able to spot certain constellations (like Orion and the Big Dipper) from all over the world. It connects disparate times and chapters of my life and also gently reminds me of my place in an inconceivably vast universe.

Can you see the stars where you are? What’s your favorite star or constellation?

(Photo: Chris Cannucciari/My Shot)


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