I once promised myself that I’d do something new every day, even if it were as small as trying a different menu item or a new route to work, just so that each day of my life could have a little adventure in it. And if I put all I can into today—this one day I have—eventually I can look back at my whole life and (hopefully!) find it fully lived, day by day.

Living this way means I try not to put off bucket-list items or even “I should go check out that new museum exhibition this weekend…” types of outings ’til later. Workouts, however, can be another matter! But if I just focus on today, that makes the getting-it-done easier. After a while, getting today done will add up to a habit.

(via FitSugar)


2 thoughts on “motivation.

  1. I love this goal! I’d like to attempt this for at least a week to start with. Life can seem a little mundane at times without variety and new experiences!

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