Though I’m not sure what the green “Trying God’s Patience” in the upper left corner means, I like the rest of the sentiment! Apparently this is a shot of Shakespeare & Company in Paris.

(via Inklings Bookshop)


4 thoughts on “Stranded

  1. Hi, Leigh! Um, RSS not functioning is probably my fault, eeks…I’m still learning my way around this whole blog thing. Thanks for bearing with me! Oh, and yes: the smell of used bookstores FTW. Did you know there’s an I Hate Perfume scent called In the Library? I may have to post about it… :)

    1. My bad! I was confused at first bc a bunch of code came up, but it’s working! Horray!

      1 – “I hate perfume”? No idea what that is, but please do! I’m intrigued! :)

      1. CB I Hate Perfume is this brand based in New York, I think. They carry nonstereotypical perfume scents (hence the name) that smell like the library, burning leaves, new-fallen snow, etc. Really, really cool if you ask me, but so far I haven’t had a chance to actually sniff samples.

  2. Agreed! Especially a used book store… love the smell of old books!

    PS: your RSS isn’t functioning. You might want to contact WordPress about that!

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