Audrey the introvert

Agreed. I always find it comforting to hear or read about people in the public eye, like Audrey Hepburn, who were introverted and unapologetic about it. Although I do love a good day crammed with adventures and running around sometimes too!

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Balloons in sunlight

Balloons (Midtown, Manhattan) by Youngna Park Somehow this photograph always makes me want to squint. How is it that someone is able to capture sunlight? It’s the next best thing to bottling it. (via 20×200)

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Originally posted on Philz Coffee Blog:
(photo from The Bitten Word) Mmmm, coffee granita reminds me of my trip to Rome years ago when I happened upon Tazza d’Oro near the Pantheon. They made the BEST coffee granita (well, the first one I had ever tried) and they topped it with the perfectly whipped cream.…

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How I Met My Wife

No, not me personally. “How I Met My Wife” is the title of a nimble essay by Jack Winter that appeared in The New Yorker (July 25, 1994) and uses the concept of unpaired words and the opposites of common idioms to fresh effect. A copy hangs up on the editorial bulletin board where I […]

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To do with elephants

“There is something bewitching about the very name of elephant, isn’t there?” –Little Elizabeth, Anne of Windy Poplars by L.M. Montgomery Calligram elephant by absurdynka, via Betty Lou Spence Aww. (Photo credit unknown) And, of course, GE’s 2007 Ecomagination commercial with the happy little tap-dancing elephant. Update: More elephant love at design*sponge.

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Retro swimsuits

What an awesome look! Just think, while every other woman is walking around looking more or less the same in a bikini, you can rock a retro one-piece with class and never look dated. I like this cap-sleeve number even more than the Marilyn Monroe–inspired one-piece below (my previous fave). Plus, let’s face it, the […]

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