I’m a little late to the Pinterest party (for the longest time I figured it was mainly for crafty types and those into fashion and design, for example). But recently I’ve been finding its dreambook aspect appealing. After you stumble across a pinner whose taste appeals to you, one click leads to another and pretty soon you’ve got a cool online scrapbook going.

One gripe I’ve heard from early adopters, though, is that many original photo credits (like for this girl in the striped shirt) have gotten lost in the endless repinning. I’m glad to see that lately more news orgs have been adding a “Pin it” button to their articles and photos, so at least that helps photogs reclaim ownership of their creative output.

Using Google Images can be nifty for tracking down proper photo credits too. It’s so handy to drag and drop the image from your desktop into the search field, click Go, and let Google do the legwork. The origins of some that’ve been blogged to bits still elude, though.

Anyway, here are some random images scouted this week.

Sugared Chocolate Beignets, Sunset, February 2010,
via’s pinmarklet

These beignets are pillows of happiness with a bit of crunch from the sugar dusting, plus flaky, crisp, toasted puff pastry enclosing dark chocolate ganache.

Then there’s food for the soul. Via Kate @ Wit + Delight:

I like this Picasso drawing of Françoise Gilot, but generally I prefer the his Marie-Thérèse Walter paintings, such as the one below, which I pinned onto my Art board from the Guggenheim website. (By the way, if you’re intrigued by Picasso’s women and their varying roles as muse, go here.)

Pablo Picasso, Woman with Yellow Hair (Femme aux Cheveux Jaunes),
December 1931. Sensual without being seductive.

And then there’s just the funny stuff. Via Joanna Goddard:

Strictly speaking, that is correct.

Are you on Pinterest? Who are your favorite peeps to follow?

(via Pinterest)


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