Missed Connection

This scene haunted me for years after I first glimpsed it on a cover of The New Yorker. At the time I hadn’t noted the artist’s name, but the power of the image stayed with me and in the interim I kicked myself for not paying closer attention or just shelling out to buy the original magazine. It wasn’t until I happened to see it posted on Joanna Goddard‘s usual blog-post roundup one Friday that I finally found out all the info.

Adrian Tomine signs limited-edition copies of Missed Connection,
his debut cover for The New Yorker.

So I splurged for one of the limited-edition prints published by Griffioen Grafiek / Oog & Blik in the Netherlands and had it framed up nicely. I love being able to look at it every day. The moment itself is so fleeting.

A preliminary sketch of Missed Connection recently went for a cool grand.

Missed Connection (sketch)
Preliminary drawing for cover illustration,
final version published in the November 8, 2004 issue of The New Yorker.
9″ x 12″
graphite on sketchbook paper

(via Adrian Tomine)

Update: Tomine’s recollection of creating his “Missed Connection” cover.


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