Thank-you notes from famous folks

“Thank you for the dream you sent me.” That’s the beguiling subhead of the mental_floss blog post “11 Amazing Thank You Notes from Famous People,” plucked from the blog and forthcoming book Letters of Note: Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience. The mental_floss post was published just this past Friday, the anniversary Roald Dahl’s writing a thank-you note to a 7-year-old fan who’d mailed him “a bottle of colored water, oil, and glitter” in a bottle (a reference to Dahl’s book The BFG).

Conan O’ Brien’s handwritten thank-you (written to a 16-year-old Ohio fan who’d asked him to her prom) made me smile too. I like the drawing especially. Way to personalize!

I used to think the best thank-you notes were the ones that were entirely personal and not so “form letter” in feel. Clearly, this next one proves me wrong.

But then again, they were Laugh-In, and this was The Duke. They can get away with Mad-Libbing it.

(via mental_floss via Letters of Note)

P.S. If you live in the U.K., you could use these new Roald Dahl stamps to send your notes via the Royal Mail.


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