Danny and Annie Perasa

This 2006 StoryCorps animation always makes me smile whenever I see it on my local PBS channel. It’s an oldie but goodie worth revisiting…because, in the end, isn’t it the kind of love we all hope for?

Danny: “I could write on and on about her. She lights up the room in the morning when she tells me to put both hands on her shoulders so she can support me. She lights up my life when she says to me at night, ‘Wouldn’t you like a little ice cream?’ or ‘Would you please drink more water?’ I mean, those aren’t very romantic things to say, but they stir my heart. In my mind, in my heart, there has never been, there is not now, and never will be, another Annie.”

It’s been about six years since the piece first aired on NPR, and about a year and a half since the Rauch Bros. video short debuted. I wonder how Annie’s doing these days and what she’s up to.

(Animation stills via Rauch Bros. Animation)


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