I still love writing to friends on letterpress cards and other cool stationery as well as sending postcards from my travels. But this story goes to show just how important a single piece of mail can be!


In 1952, Dick Hauck signed, stamped and sent off a letter to his sweetheart, Arlene, proposing marriage. Sixty years later, it has finally been delivered.

The Missouri couple, married since Dick returned home in 1952, was surprised to receive the letter from contract workers who were renovating Arlene’s childhood home.

“The whole thing brings back memories,” Dick told KARE11. The couple wrote to each other nearly every day while Dick, then 21, was in the army.

Arlene had saved an entire box of his letters, but never received his most important one. The writing is emotional and sensitive, revealing the deep-seated love that has kept the couple together for the past 60 years.

“I got your ring today, I sure hope you will like it. I wish I could have gotten it long ago darling,” Dick reads, holding in his tears. He sent the ring shortly after the letter…

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