Symphony with a side of ice cream

When I found out that the Itzhak Perlman performances at the San Francisco Symphony were sold out a couple of months ago, I was pretty bummed. No wait list had been set up at the time and even if there eventually were, I figured the prices would be exorbitant for me. But I couldn’t help thinking how great it would be to see and hear him perform and conduct, live! That Vivaldi’s Summer and Winter from The Four Seasons were on the performance program along with Tchaikovsky and Mozart was another major perk.

So imagine my delight when, offhand, I looked up the symphony and performance on my iPhone this morning and lo! A mobile site popped up. It showed more-than-half-off seats in the orchestra and tiers (and, as I’m looking at tonight’s performance right now, $15 seats in the center terrace right behind the actual orchestra itself)! This must be where the symphony posts up-to-the-minute ticket info, and I can’t believe the deals it’s offering.

If I get to the city with time to spare, I plan to make dinner out of the special root-beer float (haha! Oh, to be “grown-up”…) that Smitten Ice Cream just posted on BlackboardEats the other day. Made of malt vanilla ice cream, Boylan cane sugar root beer, and a crumble of sesame praline, the float’s in honor of Smitten’s one-year anniversary at its Hayes Valley location. Yes, please.

Just look at one of the Kelvin ice-cream makers using liquid nitrogen to freeze fresh scoops in this photo (taken at one of Smitten’s ice-cream socials), all Wonka-esque. And hey, they make mint TCHO-chocolate-chip ice cream that actually tastes like…wait for it…fresh mint! A revelation, especially for me since I usually don’t like that flavor. The silky olive-oil ice cream with lavender shortbread currently on the menu is likewise intriguing, and subtle.

I love making little adventures out of finding deals like these. Mostly I just love seeing how hard I can make my money work and still get a shot of culture. It’s like a little game.

(Perlman photo via San Francisco Symphony)


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