Ginger Elizabeth confections

Whenever I’m in Sacramento, I always have to stop by Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates in Midtown for a cup of Oaxacan Spicy Hot Chocolate, made with whole milk and a housemade vanilla-bean marshmallow popped in. Rain, shine, summer, winter—it doesn’t matter. Stopping by for a cup has become a ritual for me, and I love how the chiles, ginger, cinnamon, and vanilla add complexity to the rich chocolate.

From left: Chewy lavender caramel, fleur de sel caramel,
vanilla bean caramel, and grapefruit pollen caramel.
Can you tell I love caramel?

Ginger Elizabeth’s Parisian macarons: chocolate ganache,
poppy seed citrus rose, 
salty caramel, almond, and seasonal flavors.

I usually walk out with a box of the sundry infused caramels and maybe a couple of macarons (especially the salty caramel…surprise!) and the crunchy gianduja chocolate bar (“baked crepes are folded into the gianduja, which is finished with a touch of salt and citrus”—no wonder it’s so crisp and airy!).

What I’m most looking forward to, though, are the ice cream socials. Last year they began in May as single-day events, with a different sundae for each month, so I’m hoping this year’s line-up will soon go live. Just check out last year’s sundae menu below; I hope some of them return this year!

2011 menu

Brown sugar ice cream, just-picked local strawberries,
cream scone croutons, roasted rhubarb jam, tart whipped cream

Fromage blanc ice cream, local honey ice cream,
thyme- & butter-roasted apricots, apricot jus,
brioche bread pudding, Chantilly cream

Rose ice cream, raspberry sorbet, crème Bavarois,
locally farmed raspberries, litchi tapioca pearls,
Parisian macaron pieces

Raw milk ice cream, salty Marcona almond sherbet,
whipped Saint-André, local plum compote,
caramelized pie crust, Chantilly cream

Banana ice cream, malted milk ice cream,
yeast risen waffles, fresh bananas,
caramel sauce, whipped crème fraîche

Coffee ice cream, cardamom ice cream,
cinnamon milk jam, coffee gelée,
cinnamon-&-sugar doughnut holes, Chantilly cream

And may I also point to the chocolate salty cocoa nib ice cream bar and raspberry rose sherbet bar, the blackberry-violet macaron ice cream sandwich, and the frozen hot-chocolate parfait as equally mouthwatering? These are offered on regular summer menu even outside of the socials.

The shop also hosts Cupcake Days (with seasonal flavors like fig honey, lavender blackberry, and Meyer lemon meringue) as well as Custard Day (crème brûlée, chocolate pot de crème…). But really, for me it’s all about those ice cream socials. I would plan an entire trip around making it out to Sac the day one of them is planned.

If you’re not going to be in Sacramento anytime soon, you can order assorted chocolates and dessert bars from Ginger Elizabeth’s online shop.

(via Ginger Elizabeth)


2 thoughts on “Ginger Elizabeth confections

    1. Yeah, usually I don’t even like marshmallows, but Ginger Elizabeth’s (with the vanilla-bean flecks) melt smoothly into the hot chocolate (the taste of which reminds me of Chuao Chocolatier’s Spicy Maya, which has pasilla chile, cayenne pepper, and cinnamon).

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