DIY paneer and queso blanco

Just found out that Urban Cheesecraft has launched a new website and is waiving the usual S+H charges with the code “freespring.” So I jumped on it and bought the DIY cheese kit for paneer and queso blanco. I love me some cheese enchiladas and palak paneer, so I dig the idea of being able to make my own cheeses, even in my tiny kitchen. Even though I otherwise would have no clue what I’m doing.

All you need to make queso blanco and paneer should be in this kit.
Minus the milk, of course.

Urban Cheesecraft also offers kits for making mozzarella and ricotta as well as chèvre, but I see DIY stuff for that a lot more in food media, and making paneer and queso blanco seems fun and a little different. (Um, not to mention that kit’s cheaper.) I can hardly wait for it to arrive. And of course I’d like to blog about the process of doing it, hee. More important, though, I’d like to eat something like that and be able to say I made with my own hands.

(via Urban Cheesecraft)


3 thoughts on “DIY paneer and queso blanco

  1. Nice article. What was in the paneer kit? Why I’m asking is because I was able to make paneer with just lemon juice, salt, milk and a clean white cotton t-shirt. It came out as well as I expected.

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