A part of me is every age

Whenever I see a picture like this, I think, Oh, hook me up, I would totally do that. Bounce around with complete abandon on a humongous inflatable Stonehenge? Yes, please.

I’m pretty sure this means I’ll be a kid at heart for the rest of my life.

The art installation Sacrilege by Jeremy Deller,
currently on display in Glasgow, Scotland. 

Sometimes I feel sort of abashed about my kiddishness, like I should be “mature” and “grown-up” and act my age. But what is my age supposed to feel like, exactly? I still feel like a kid sometimes, and frankly I don’t want to lose that sense of wonder and curiosity that comes with living in a world where everything seems new and awe-inspiring. I don’t want to be all jaded.

That’s why I like this Madeline L’Engle quote

“The great thing about getting older is that you don’t lose all the other ages you’ve been.”

… which, in turn, reminds me of this bit of Morrie Schwartz wisdom.

“The truth is, part of me is every age. I’m a 3-year-old, I’m a 5-year-old, I’m a 37-year-old, I’m a 50-year-old. I’ve been through all of them, and I know what it’s like. I delight in being a child when it’s appropriate to be a child. I delight in being a wise old man when it’s appropriate to be a wise old man. Think of all I can be! I am every age, up to my own.”

Which then dovetails neatly with another bit of L’Engle knowledge.

“If I can retain a child’s awareness and joy, and be 51, then I will really learn what it means to be grown-up.”

(via My Modern Metropolis)


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