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I spend much of my life day-dreaming, and each time it’s about where I want to visit next. One day it’s Bhutan, the next it’s Morocco. Another day it’s Peru, and then it’s Ghana. The list is always growing and sources of inspiration are constantly surrounding me. I imagine…

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Columbia Glacier cruise

Cruised out to the Columbia Glacier ice fields not far from Valdez, Alaska, and glimpsed chunks of calves ice so blue, they looked like trapped sky. Saw bald eagles perched on treetops, mountain goats stepping gingerly along narrow cliffside ledges, stellar sea lions sunning on south-facing shores, even a humpback whale casually surfacing along a […]

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Alaskan crevasse?

I wish. Actually, that’s just a crack in the plowed snow bank that I peered into, below the Worthington Glacier. But what a beautiful blue glow, no? I’m in Alaska now for the first time, just soaking in all the scenery and regional differences. (To wit: I learned that when Alaskans go “Outside”—with a capital O—they’re […]

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South Bay day trip

Today promises to be a gorgeous Sunday, so here’s my plan of attack for an art- and food-filled South Bay/Peninsula day trip. (Contrary to my previous post, I’ve decided to try and hit the Illustrated Bites art show at the Curiosity Shoppe in San Francisco later this week.) 1. Hit the San Jose Museum of […]

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Originally posted on Illustrated Bites:
I’m very excited to announce the opening of the Illustrated Bites art show this Saturday at the Curiosity Shoppe on Valencia St. in San Francisco. If you’re in the Bay Area, please stop by and say hello!  And yes, there will be snacks.

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Floundering fitness

Every morning I wake up thinking, Okay, today I’m going to work out, even if it’s just some kind of cardio for at least 20 minutes! And almost every day, it doesn’t happen, because I end up thinking, Well, I blew my diet anyway…I guess I can start tomorrow. You can guess what happens from there. […]

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How to draw a penguin

While browsing illustrator Gemma Correll’s Pinterest page today, I came across the slideshow “How to Draw a Penguin” by Oliver Jeffers, whose penguin stories include the ever-popular Lost and Found. The slideshow itself is part of The Guardian newspaper’s “Children’s Books + How to Draw” series. Now, ostensibly I browse and buy children’s picture books like Jeffers’s for my […]

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