Bike to Lunch Day

Unfortunately I did not participate in Bike to Work Day San Francisco today, but I did borrow a lovely PUBLIC M8 to take for a spin during my lunch hour. Does that count? :) Probably not, since there were no Energizer Stations for me to stop by for free goodies (aka proof).

Still, it’s always lovely to get out from behind the computer and into the sun, even for a bit, on a leisurely ride. Now that the weather’s warming up and the days are longer, I’m going to have scant excuses for not biking to work at least once a week…

S.F. Biking by the Numbers (7×7)
Your Biking Photos (National Geographic Traveler)


2 thoughts on “Bike to Lunch Day

  1. That’s awesome! I bike here in NY, but I imagine biking in SF is SO much harder with the hills and all. So I’m sure you got a good workout in!

    1. Luckily I haven’t had to climb any of the major hills, but around where I live in the Bay Area there are a few doozies that have me getting off to hoof it sometimes. No shame. :) Gotta start somewhere.

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