Floundering fitness

Every morning I wake up thinking, Okay, today I’m going to work out, even if it’s just some kind of cardio for at least 20 minutes! And almost every day, it doesn’t happen, because I end up thinking, Well, I blew my diet anyway…I guess I can start tomorrow. You can guess what happens from there.

Ab-so-lute-ly nuthin’!

I realize that inertia’s probably the hardest thing to overcome in (re-)establishing a workout routine, and that at the beginning, even if you’re starting all over again like I am, consistency in working out is the main goal. I know that on one hand, I should start slow and build up my conditioning again bit by bit—but on the other hand, I feel dissatisfied with how short and thus ineffective those small workouts seem. Still, consistency. Day at a time. Gotta start somewhere. Something’s better than nothing!

Clearly I need to quit overthinking it and just do it. Blarg. Why is overcoming slugdom the hardest part about working out? Maybe it is pure physics.

Dude, I only wished I looked this nonchalant when I run.

There are two beginning running programs I’ve scouted so far that I like: Runner’s World magazine’s “Running 101” and Women’s Health magazine’s “Running to Lose Weight.” Of course I want to do the latter but I think I’d better start with the former. There’s also the article “Start Running: The Beginner Running Plan” from Women’s Health that sounds solid. Plus the .pdf comes with a handy-dandy calendar on which you can check off each day’s workout.

Now to take each day as it comes and clock the time. Where’s my positive mantra?!

(via FitSugar)

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