How to draw a penguin

While browsing illustrator Gemma Correll’s Pinterest page today, I came across the slideshow “How to Draw a Penguin” by Oliver Jeffers, whose penguin stories include the ever-popular Lost and Found. The slideshow itself is part of The Guardian newspaper’s “Children’s Books + How to Draw” series.

Now, ostensibly I browse and buy children’s picture books like Jeffers’s for my little niece and nephew, but really I do it just for the giggles I get out of great illos and a memorable story. I’m pretty fond of Jeffers’ penguin, especially in the story Up and Down when (spoiler alert!) this pudgy black-and-white bird, yearning to fly, somehow finds himself hurtling hilariously out of a circus cannon.

Anyway, the step-by-step drawings make me smile. Plus Jeffers’s droll commentary about drawing this little guy cracks me up.

(via Oliver Jeffers for The Guardian)

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