Alaskan crevasse?


I wish. Actually, that’s just a crack in the plowed snow bank that I peered into, below the Worthington Glacier. But what a beautiful blue glow, no? I’m in Alaska now for the first time, just soaking in all the scenery and regional differences. (To wit: I learned that when Alaskans go “Outside”—with a capital O—they’re talking not outdoors, but completely out of state. Anyplace that is not in Alaska is Outside, even in the papers. It’s sort of like when Hawaii residents talk about “the Mainland.” :) Except that here, the Mainland is “the Lower 48.”)

Anyway, I’m in Alaska for my first-ever trip, and since it was the only state I hadn’t visited—having hit the rest on family road trips or flights—I can now say I’ve visited all 50 states. :) Since I’m here I wish I could strap on some crampons and go ice climbing on a glacier like the Matanuska, which did sport this blue light even from the lookout, but probably no time in the itinerary. We’re in Valdez (pronounced “Val-deez”) now, heading out tomorrow on a glacier- and wildlife-watching tour of Prince William Sound, but I wish there were an opp to actually kayak among them, like in this story. But maybe next time. There’s still the rest of Alaska to see, even beyond what I’ve imagined, and the bush to floatplane to one day! When we get back to Anchorage I’m hoping to rent a bike and ride along the Coastal Trail, with a view of the still-snowy Chugach Mountains as backdrop.

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