I totally still collect photos and stories from magazines that resonate with me and then glue them into a scrapbook (or “dreambook,” as I call it). I love sensory description and being able to flip to those pages and envision myself in a place, but keeping scrapbooks also reminds me to keep collecting in real time the same experiences I dream about.

The World Wanderer

I spend much of my life day-dreaming, and each time it’s about where I want to visit next. One day it’s Bhutan, the next it’s Morocco. Another day it’s Peru, and then it’s Ghana. The list is always growing and sources of inspiration are constantly surrounding me. I imagine my life as a permanent traveler, and never see an end to my adventures, as I believe that it is a part of who I am – something that I know will never change.

Several years ago, in the beginning of my love affair with the world, I would cut out pictures of countries, stuffing them into my journal. This journal was less a chronicle of my life, and more a place filled with lists of the countries I planned to one day visit. As I learned about new places, I would add them, knowing that one day I would visit…

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