A safari in Kenya, Tanzania, or Botswana is totally on my bucket list, along with an Earthwatch expedition working with cheetahs in Namibia…but the SD Safari Park is the next best thing! I remember going here as a kid when it was still Wild Animal Park.

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Custodian graduates from Columbia

I loved this story about 52-year-old Columbia University custodian Gac Filipaj, a refugee from the former Yugoslavia who took advantage of Columbia’s free tuition for employees and earned himself a B.A. in classics, graduating with honors just yesterday. His tenacity, perseverance, and can-do spirit are inspiring. “This is a man with great pride, whether he’s […]

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Bike to Lunch Day

Unfortunately I did not participate in Bike to Work Day San Francisco today, but I did borrow a lovely PUBLIC M8 to take for a spin during my lunch hour. Does that count? :) Probably not, since there were no Energizer Stations for me to stop by for free goodies (aka proof). Still, it’s always […]

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Laurent Laveder’s Moon Games

These forced-perspective photographs by Laurent Laveder remind me of children’s picture storybooks: seemingly simple and whimsical, but carefully orchestrated so that each tiny element matters, helping create a seamless narrative. Just a wheelbarrow full of moon. I like to imagine that when he tips it forward, out spill the stars. Wouldn’t it be fun to […]

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Originally posted on Health & Family:
Susan Cain, a Harvard law school graduate and former attorney and negotiator, used to regard her quiet and reserved nature as a disadvantage, something to be overcome. But then she began researching introversion as a personality trait, and discovered that what many see as a weakness is actually a…

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Originally posted on American Speaker:
As I’ve mentioned more than once, I’m a big fan of TED.com as a source for public speaking inspiration. I’ve watched dozens of videos on the site, but today I have a new favorite. Susan Cain’s “The Power of Introverts” talk is impressive for all the traditional reasons: She’s poised,…

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