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Oh. My. Word. How do I even begin to describe how starved these images freakin’ make me. Cry. parlafood View original post

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Recently I’ve been giving my little garden some much needed attention, digging up the weeds, making room for a small veg patch and sowing lots of seeds. Thanks to the mix of sunshine and rain that we’ve had lately my flower beds are slowly coming to life. I’ve become obsessed with making structures out of…

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The power of reading

I love any story about a girl who escapes into books and finds whole new worlds of wonder and possibility within them. Plus, any girl whose favorite book is Anne of Green Gables must be a kindred spirit. Transcript: Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Jasmine. Jasmine lived in a pretty rough […]

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Flashback ’90s

Do you remember the first time someone or something made you feel old? For me, it wasn’t my first gray hair but this one afternoon when I was rockin’ out to Nirvana’s “Heart-Shaped Box” while driving home from work. I was feelin’ good, the way you feel when a favorite old song comes on the […]

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A Greek serenade

When I was idly kicking around this past Sunday, lolling on the bed before the wide open window, the memory of Ferne Arfin’s travel essay¬†“A Boring, Unnerving, and Ultimately Enchanted Evening” suddenly popped in my head. It was published in the Christian Science Monitor¬†in 2003, and somehow this tale of a woman traveling solo in […]

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