Heh, I can identify with this. I haven’t yet reached the one-year mark on my own blog, but I struggle too with striking the right balance between making my blog true to my voice and my interests and yet also have it be something other people might like to read. It’s a progress. :) Plus, for me, it’s also practice in finding my writing voice again, after mostly copy editing these past few years. Finally starting my own blog has likewise given me newfound respect for engaging bloggers and blogging; see Joanna Goddard, who recently told Elizabeth Street, “When it’s done right, blogging should look easy—just how magazine articles and books should look easy and fun. But it doesn’t mean that it is easy.” :)

Life on High

I’m a little embarrassed to discover and admit that I’m closing in on my one-year blogiversary. Sounds a little odd maybe, but it’s true. I’m embarrassed because in one whole year, I’ve only managed to complete a handful of posts, most of which weren’t even put up until recent months. You’d think that a whole year would be more than enough time to really make something good, but in my case, it’s only near the end that I’m starting to get the hang of this whole deal.

But moving past the embarrassment for a second (actually, let’s just leave it where it is and move on), this one-year mark is still rather a big deal. Not because I’ve managed to reach it but more because I’ve learned and experienced way more than I had bargained for. (Cliche alert! But it’s not, I promise. Or at least I’ll try to keep…

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  1. I have been blogging for a few years now and it was only sometime last year that I really started to get into it, I was always unsure of crossing lines between personal and professional. But once I found my comfort zone I really started to enjoy myself and now I can not wait to blog, read comments and am always planning what to write about next. Congratulations on year one.. here’s to many more fun post filled years ahead.

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