The power of reading

I love any story about a girl who escapes into books and finds whole new worlds of wonder and possibility within them. Plus, any girl whose favorite book is Anne of Green Gables must be a kindred spirit.


Once upon a time, there lived a girl called Jasmine.

Jasmine lived in a pretty rough and tough part of London with just her mum and her brother.

Jasmine’s mum worked a lot because they didn’t have very much money, and so often Jasmine had to entertain herself.

One day, her teacher gave her some books, and Jasmine soon found herself completely hooked.

She would read one book, then another, then another, and another. She just couldn’t stop reading!

One of her favorite places was the local library, where she would sit for hours and hours until it was time to close and she had to go home.

She was famous amongst her friends for missing her bus stop, because she always had her nose in a book.

Jasmine had lots of favorite stories. She liked James and the Giant Peach, because it taught her to think big.

She liked The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, because it transported her to another magical world.

She also enjoyed Avocado Baby, because it showed her she could be really strong.

But her favorite book of all was Anne of Green Gables, because she realized that, like Anne, she too could achieve anything she wanted. And she did. [English star! A+! Top of the class!]

In fact, Jasmine was the first in her family to go to university.

And what’s Jasmine doing now? Well, she’s about to publish her own first novel.

Jasmine is our friend, and we’re inspired by her story. We understand the power of books because reading changed her life.

(Directed and produced by The Curved House, illustrated by Gemma Correll, and written and narrated by Riot Communications for World Book Day 2012)


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