It always seems like a quiet miracle to me to plant these nondescript little specks of seeds and watch them peek up and grow into something that I can eat. I love spending a Saturday morning sitting out and reading or writing among pots and planters of edibles with the pavement still wet underfoot from watering the plants too.

Recently I’ve been giving my little garden some much needed attention, digging up the weeds, making room for a small veg patch and sowing lots of seeds. Thanks to the mix of sunshine and rain that we’ve had lately my flower beds are slowly coming to life.

I’ve become obsessed with making structures out of canes, my sweet peas should enjoy climbing them though.

There are some pretty blooms too…..

No culinary garden is complete without some herbs…….

My cucumbers sit on the windowsill, they can join the rest when they ‘re big enough.

I can’t wait to plan some tasty meals for my veggies, I’ll keep you posted.

Emma xxx

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