A Collection a Day

Speaking of Lisa Congdon and her project 365 Days of Hand Lettering, I also like her Collection a Day series. First became acquainted with it through 20×200, when her print Day 256: Vintage Airline Tags caught my eye.

I bought an 8×10 copy and propped it up on one of my bookshelves at work. It appeals to my inveterate love of collecting ephemera to arrange neatly in my scrapbook. Amsterdam! London! Athens! New York! Baggage tags are just slips of paper that tell whole stories of trips.

Later I discovered that Congdon also sells A Collection a Day notecards in her Etsy shop. Shelled out for series #1 (check out series #2 here); the card stock is silky soft to the touch, adding another dimension to the tactile nature of letter writing.

Vintage light bulbs, painting tubes, and sewing supplies
from Lisa Congdon’s A Collection a Day Notecard Series Number 1

Note: Everything in the shop is currently 15 percent off through Friday, July 6. But if you’re too late, be sure to check her Facebook page for future discounts.

“Collectors are happy people.” –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

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