Crumpets and tea

There are some mornings—particularly on a lazy day off—when nothing but crumpets and tea will do. Crisp and yet spongy, slathered with clotted cream and berry preserves and dollops of lemon curd, accompanied by Twinings blackcurrant tea and a good book (in this case, Julia Child‘s My Life in France, cowritten with Alex Prud’homme), crumpets have become my […]

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Another introverts comic

Well, I wouldn’t have game night or a dance-off by myself, but the rest of the comic speaks to my tendencies pretty well. :) Could you imagine an introvert like Lincoln becoming a POTUS today? Then again, The Atlantic Wire did recently point out that JFK himself was an introvert. (illustration: Grant Snider, via Inkwell […]

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Originally posted on Eric E Photo:
Fall came early this year with leaves starting to change at the end of August!  The colors are nearing peak right now as the aspens turn from green to yellow and catch up with all the vine maples that are exploding in red.  Yes, it is a good time…

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Originally posted on Covetotop:
Most of the little churches you are about to see belong to the Romanesque style, and were built between the late 10th and the 12th century. Some of them are even older (Pre-Romanesque style, 8th-10th centuries) A few of them are inscribed in the United Nations list of World Heritage Sites.…

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Instagram filters

Been goin’ kinda nutso on Instagram lately. I’d had the app on my iPhone for ages, but never really used it until recently because we’re upping our involvement with it at work. Now I’ve finally signed on, I’ve been subjecting whatever usable photos I have to Lo-Fi, Hefe, Valencia, and other filters while I get […]

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Originally posted on Health News / Tips & Trends / Celebrity Health:
Getty Images I can’t believe it’s already mid-September! It seems like I was just barbecuing and celebrating the 4th of July. The summer months passed way too quickly for me, so I missed out on a number of my favorite warm weather activities, including enjoying ice…

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