On the evening of The Mindy Project’s official premiere…

…here’s the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine interview “Dialed In” with Mindy Kaling, who graduated in ’01, as well as a Dartmouth Independent Q&A she and her best friend, actress & playwright Brenda Withers ’00, did in 2009. It’s all about roots (or at least as far as the online ones go)! Plus here’s today’s “Thirty-Three Facts You Learn About Mindy Kaling by Hanging Around Her” along with the September 17, 2012, cover story from New York/Vulture, in case you didn’t see it on newsstand.

A couple of blurbs from today’s “Thirty-Three Facts”:

Apparently what impressed her father the most about her having her own show was her parking space, right outside her office door and adjacent to Dick Wolf’s. Says co-star/writer Ike Barinholtz (formerly the Russian pitcher on Eastbound & Down), “He visited the set and then wrote her an e-mail after he left, like, ‘Mindy, it was so great to see you and your wonderful writers and your actors and congratulations on your show and your premium parking.’ That was a big deal for him: ‘Wow, my daughter has parking right next to her office.’ It’s really touching.”

And this:

Kaling plans on using her character as a conduit for expressing her strong opinions on, well, everything. “In one episode, my best friend is like, ‘I have such a girl crush on Tina Fey.’ And I’m like, ‘Just say you have a crush on her, or that you really like her.’ I take issue with the phrase ‘girl crush,’ and I take issue with someone being like, ‘Oh is she your bestie?’ I’m an adult woman. She’s my best friend. I don’t have a bestie or a BFF. Don’t infantilize me.”

Go, Mindy! Bet her mom would be so proud. Actually, I’m sure she is.

(via DAM)


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