Crumpets and tea

There are some mornings—particularly on a lazy day off—when nothing but crumpets and tea will do. Crisp and yet spongy, slathered with clotted cream and berry preserves and dollops of lemon curd, accompanied by Twinings blackcurrant tea and a good book (in this case, Julia Child‘s My Life in France, cowritten with Alex Prud’homme), crumpets have become my cozy ritual for a gray day. Plus, it’s just a fun word to say. “Crumpets.” :)

I like to sit by the wide window of a local tearoom chock-full of tchotchkes and just sit and read a favorite book with a Devon tea (but with crumpets instead of scones). It reminds me of the wide-eyed summer I spent in England, where one of the greatest things I ever learned of was the wonders of clotted cream. There’s always been something comforting to me in reading about food too. Especially while eating.


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