Cool skirt

I love graphic skirts in general, but this one by the Netherlands’ Thongbai Tatong takes the cake. The bold contrast between the red and the black is so striking, and the appliquĂ© is fun. Plus the A-line shape is flattering, and the jersey material is bound to fit and fall just so when you move. […]

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Tiny star letterpress

I am a lover of paper products that can be written or created on, so of course I find these stardust letterpress cards from Pheasant Press both charming and dreamy. If I were an artist, I’d draw a spare vertical figure down the center of it, or some otherworldly landscape, and give it as a […]

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Now this is a class I could get behind! I’ve eyed The Basics (Series I and II) and Tante Marie’s for ages and recognize Liano’s name as having previously been a lead instructor for those series, so it’s exciting to have another option in that regard—particularly one that seems to be focused on technique. But […]

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L.M. Montgomery postcards

Only a true Anne lover would understand the appeal of these postcards: 20 first-edition L.M. Montgomery covers that feature Anne Shirley, Emily Starr, Rilla Blythe, et al. (Click through to the Sullivan website to zoom in on the images.) When I was about 10 or 11, lazing about on my summer vacation, my mom urged […]

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