L.M. Montgomery postcards

Only a true Anne lover would understand the appeal of these postcards: 20 first-edition L.M. Montgomery covers that feature Anne Shirley, Emily Starr, Rilla Blythe, et al. (Click through to the Sullivan website to zoom in on the images.)

When I was about 10 or 11, lazing about on my summer vacation, my mom urged me to read Anne of Green Gables. At first I resisted—I was still deeply into The Baby-Sitters Club and Sweet Valley Twins—but eventually came around. And I actually haven’t stopped reading L.M. Montgomery since (as in, I still read it while eating and have a couple of the free eBooks on my iPhone for down moments). What I tend to do is return to my favorites, which alternate: The Story Girl and The Golden Road, Emily Climbs, Anne of Windy Poplars. I read them the way you sleep into a baggy sweatshirt and cuddle under the down comforter on a chilly gray day.

(via Sullivan Entertainment)


2 thoughts on “L.M. Montgomery postcards

    1. The highlights of my youth involve going to B. Dalton at the mall on Friday nights for the latest installation of either BSC or SVT. :) Until I discovered L.M. Montgomery, of course. I was kind of in heaven making a pilgrimage to Green Gables on Prince Edward Island a couple of summers ago! Bummed I didn’t have enough time to walk through the Haunted Wood or Lovers Lane, though, heehee.

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