Christmas lights

When it comes to holiday lights, some people don’t mess around. This place is perhaps the most famous of the famed lighted houses along Eucalyptus Avenue in San Carlos, California.

eucalyptus 1

eucalyptus 3

eucalyptus 2

The owner was recently featured on Yahoo! News. “Walking Eucalyptus Street during the holidays is a magical journey. The twinkling lights, the decorations, the music, the sound of people enjoying the show in English and other languages — it’s festive enough to cheer up the most committed Scrooge. I overheard a little boy tell his dad, ‘This is blowing my mind!’ with typical 6-year-old enthusiasm.”

I’ll never get tired of that glee in seeing fun holiday lights, either.

eucalyptus 4

eucalyptus 5

eucalyptus 6

Though I should note that for all the dazzle and fanfare, there was no actual nativity scene anywhere (that we saw) on the block.