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What: A shrunken sweatshirt cut in thick reverse terrycloth. Why: We never thought we’d live to see the day when athletic-style sweatshirts became work appropriate, but now that it’s here, we’re embracing the comfy trend with both (terrycloth-clad) arms. This dark navy number from Everlane—a west coast based e-commerce shop specializing…

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The Pigeon does Hamlet

Behold, lovers of children’s books, “two of literature’s most tortured characters, together at last” in the Willems Shakespeare mashup of Mo Willems’s pigeon (from Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!) performing Hamlet’s famed soliloquy. That is one pigeon with an existential crisis. Here is the entire parody. This day-maker brought to you by bottom […]

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Originally posted on Ordinary Time:
Two weekends ago, two of my girlfriends and I visited the newest exhibit at the Frist Center for Visual Arts: Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age.  It was interesting to see the influence of Protestantism on art after the Netherlands broke from Catholic Spain, and while still life isn’t my…

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Originally posted on THE NTRG BLOG:
We have just launched a new pasta program with fresh pasta from flour + water’s pasta lab, available daily, exclusively in salumeria. Buy it pre-packaged or scoop it up by the pound. Every week we will have a different selection on offer and this week the selection of fresh…

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Piano by the sea

There’s a guy—an artist, a pianist—by the fitting name of Mauro Ffortissimo who, with the help of some friends, recently rolled out an aging baby grand piano onto the bluffs of Half Moon Bay, California, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, so that during the day passersby might plink away at the keys. But during the past […]

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