I was reasonably delighted by flour+water‘s now-decommissioned Weekend Pasta Project, but having the S.F. restaurant’s fresh pasta—cocoa campanelle! agnolotti dal plin! chervil tagliatelle!—now at the ready any day of the week beats all. You can mix and match the sauces, salumi, cheese, wine, and produce for a Pasta Project customized exactly to your taste. Awesomeness.


We have just launched a new pasta program with fresh pasta from flour + water’s pasta lab, available daily, exclusively in salumeria.
Buy it pre-packaged or scoop it up by the pound.
Every week we will have a different selection on offer and this week the selection of fresh pasta includes:
hand rolled pastas
cappellacci dei briganti
filled pastas
taleggio scarpinocc
agnolotti dal plin
brown butter roasted squash tortelloni

extruded pastas
warm spice campanelle
black pepper spaghetti
aleppo rigatoni
whole grain bucatini

Choose from our selection of sauces, fresh produce, salumi, cheese and wine for everything you need for a delicious meal at home.
All items available from salumeria, 3000 20th st, san francisco, ca 94110

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