The Pigeon does Hamlet

Behold, lovers of children’s books, “two of literature’s most tortured characters, together at last” in the Willems Shakespeare mashup of Mo Willems’s pigeon (from Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!) performing Hamlet’s famed soliloquy.

ImageThat is one pigeon with an existential crisis.

Here is the entire parody. This day-maker brought to you by bottom shelf books, via The Children’s Book Council.


3 thoughts on “The Pigeon does Hamlet

    1. Not weird at all. I rediscovered the beauty of children’s books when I started browsing the local indie bookstores for ones to give my baby/toddler niece and nephew—and promptly fell back in love. When they outgrow them, I think I’ll probably keep buying the good ones for myself! The stories and illustrations in some of them are so terrific—like Cloudette, or the Oliver Jeffers book Up and Down.

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