Luchie’s “Introversion” comic

In my 20s I used to beat myself up for not being more “like other people” who liked to party and go clubbing and were masters at chatting people up and making friends—in other words, like extroverts. To this day I never fully realize what a relief it is to find validation of my experience as a reserved, deeply introverted person until I see it expressed by other people, in books or art or some other medium. That’s why I like the excerpts below from the comic “Introversion” by Luchie, who lives in Brussels, Belgium (comics capital of the world!). No matter how introverts like me may crave solitude, we still want to feel a connection that lets us we are not alone.

luchie - introversionluchie - introvert's day 2

Luchie printed a limited run of her “Introversion” comic in booklet form that launched today and quickly sold out! She’s planning another run shortly. In the meantime, you can also buy her Society6 print modified from the panels above.


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