The Founding Fathers were young

The Founding Fathers were basically teenagers. That’s what Joanna Goddard wrote in her weekly roundup of fun reads, which included the intriguing’s post “The surprising ages of the Founding Fathers on July 4, 1776.” At the thought of it Jason Kottke was like,

“This is kind of blowing my mind…because of the compression of history, I’d always assumed all these people were around the same age. But in thinking about it, all startups need young people…Hamilton, Lafayette, and Burr were perhaps the Gates, Jobs, and Zuckerberg of the War.”

That Aaron Burr was only 20 and Alexander Hamilton 21 at the time caught my eye immediately. At first I thought they could have both been ambitious, impetuous early-20-somethings who were possibly hot-headed enough to have engaged in that famous duel, but I then realized it didn’t take place until 28 years later, in 1804. Of course, in the ensuing time they came to despise each other anyway.

Just to show how my mind turns, at the mention of Aaron Burr I immediately thought of that famous original “Got Milk?” commercial, circa 1993.

Did you know that commercial was directed by Michael Bay? And the hapless history buff was played by Sean Whalen, who also played Drew Barrymore’s dorky assistant, Merkin, in the movie Never Been Kissed. (Doesn’t it drive you nuts when you know you’ve seen an actor elsewhere but can’t pin down where?)


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