McKellen and Stewart at the Berkeley Rep

Managed to snag tix to the sold-out run of No Man’s Land at the Berkeley Rep after the theater released some seats Friday afternoon. Three seconds after word went out on Facebook and Twitter, I jumped on the horn—screw trying to get through on the website! By the time I got through to a live person, there was literally one ticket left that hadn’t already been placed in someone’s online cart. So I snatched it up! Row E, a bit pricey for me, but stellar view. And the experience was bound to be epic.

After the show…

Ian McKellen Berkeley Rep No Man's Land

Look, look! It’s Sir Ian McKellen! Of course I can’t help grinning like a foo.

Patrick Stewart Berkeley Rep

Charles Xavier…er, Sir Patrick Stewart.

Several times during the performance, I had to pinch myself and be like, I cannot believe I am watching these two thespians live onstage.  My mind would flash to images of Gandalf and the Balrog, Magneto and Jean-Luc Picard, Richard III and The Merchant of Venice before audience laughter pulled me back into my seat.

Ian McKellen No Man's Land Berkeley Rep

Made my decade.

P.S. Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen’s friendship is the best friendship in the world.


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