How to dress in Florence, Italy

Tell it: “Even the bus drivers look like walking magazine covers with Ray-Ban sunglasses and fitted pants.” I do think we can feel better about ourselves when we make the extra effort on our own behalf and see to the details. Also, in case you were curious about Orkin’s “American Girl,” who would now be 85:

Girl in Florence

I love this photo. I like it so much that I bought it for myself, my dad and pretty much anyone who likes anything in black & white. The enigmatic appeal of the American girl in Italy. One has to look at a photo like this and say, wow – those Italians were so elegant.

Well, pretty much they still are except for the occasional shiny silver sneaker and black puffy trash bag jacket. While I personally wouldn’t describe Italians as ‘trendy’ since I think people tend to stick to what’s safe (with obvious super fashionable exceptions and many being the younger crowd), I would reason that people tend not to leave the house sporting shower shoes and wearing their favorite Nike t-shirt.  Oh no, the bella figura would have none of that (though don’t get confused and think it means purely your image..)

To quote Eyeitalia:

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