Back from the Low Countries

Amsterdam is such a photogenic city. There are no bad angles, really. Around every corner a new perspective presents itself, and just walking the main arteries as well as the back lanes is endlessly engaging.


A classic A’dam photo op: where Keizersgracht meets Leidsegracht.
Ominous clouds optional.

I finally downloaded all my photos off my iPhone (my only camera for the trip), so after some straightening out and doctoring with Insta-filters, I’ll post them here in more coherent fashion. Highlights: peering at Van Gogh’s brushstrokes in his namesake museum; the actual studio, north facing for optimal light, in Rembrandt’s house, where he created his masterworks; the interactive art at the Stedelijk that turned your very movements to a shower of sparkles and hearts; a lazy bike ride along the Amstel River through the countryside to the village of Ouderkerk aan de Amstel; stepping behind the swinging bookcase of the Secret Annex into the rooms where Anne Frank and her family hid during WWII, as well as tracking down their former domicile on Merwedeplein; unforgettable meals at Blauw (they say the rijstaffel is for two people, but did I let that stop me?) and De Kas (where I ended up getting a private tour of the greenhouse, herb garden, and the restaurant with the chef!). Pictures and stories for all these and more (from Brugge/Bruges and Brussels, Belgium) TK.

“Food Life” comic by Luchie

Lucie Bryon (known to the world at large as comics artist Luchie, currently based—as far as I can tell—in Brussels, Belgium) recently came out with a food-related comic for the young-adult literature magazine Cicada. Because I would love to live at the intersection of food and art, this of course tickles me.

Looked casually for more of her work in the comics shops I popped into while I was in Brussels (self-proclaimed comics capital of the world) less than two weeks ago, but couldn’t seem to find anything more … I hope that for her this is just the beginning. :)