10 Seinfeld Quotes That Sum Up Your Life Perfectly

#9 is exactly the way you want to be and what you want to say when something or someone enrages you to no end. Ha! If only we could be as eloquent in the moment and not after the fact (in our own heads).

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Seinfeld is, of course, the best show of all time (to quote Poppy, quite fittingly, “On this issue there’s no debate!”). For those of you who are less fanatical about it than I am (which is a bit disappointing, as an aside), you might not realize that it serves as an incredibly accurate blueprint of human behavior. It’s a biblical document, in its way.

Here are ten quotes that will hopefully convince you that the Seinfeld writers already canvassed your life problems. Consult the show to see how things turn out (Hint: not well. Sorry).

1. “Ahh, what’s the point? When I like them, they don’t like me, when they like me I don’t like them. Why can’t I act with the ones I like the way I do with the ones I don’t like?”

My all-time favourite quote from the show. Part of the genius of it is in…

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2 thoughts on “10 Seinfeld Quotes That Sum Up Your Life Perfectly

  1. My dutch husband is such a Seinfeld fan! haha I could never watch it when I lived in NY- it was just ‘too close’ and depressing but now I think it’s hillarious. Hope you liked Amsterdam! :)

    1. Alla, that is so funny! One morning in Amsterdam after snoozling out of bed, I turned on the TV while puttering around the kitchen and saw Seinfeld was on—which cracked me up. Made me feel right at home! It’s still the one show that I’ll watch regularly.

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