Boy Thought His Father Was A Loser, Realizes He Was Completely Wrong

Commence waterworks.

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We all have our misconceptions. This boy in the video believed that his father is a loser. He believed that his father was uninspiring and was poor. This clouded his judgment and spurned him to not be like his father. Although he thought he was happy escaping poverty, he didn’t see his father for what he actually was. Now it’s too late for him and his father. Commence the tears. [tc-mark]

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When You’re Interning, There’s A Three-Word Solution To Getting Hired

I have seen so many interns crash and burn when it comes time to hire for a permanent spot because they didn’t heed this advice. They’re nice only to the people they think can help them get a leg up, and when the people they previously gave ’tude to turn out to be the hiring managers, it bites ’em in the ass. Just be nice. And do the shit!

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I interned for 21 months with the company that would eventually hire me. It was a three-month opportunity that was repeatedly extended until headcount was finally approved almost two years later. I learned a lot during that time, including what was necessary to get hired – but I didn’t think this article would need to be written. I believed that today’s college and post-college kids have enough wisdom and ambition to figure it out on their own. Or at least I used to, until I was invited to speak to a group of students from my college who were preparing to graduate and looking for internships, and one of them (a PR major) gave me this mindblower:

“I’m sort of working an internship right now, like, ish. But I really need to find a new one. They keep asking me to do stupid stuff like make spreadsheets and run errands…

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