Don’t Be So Snooty, Small Towns Have Museums and Performing Arts, Too

I grew up not far from Turlock and have to confess I was both surprised and pleased to see what cool exhibitions the Carnegie attracts. An exhibition of Picasso’s Madoura pottery where you’re not jostling with a bunch of other visitors for a view? Yes, please. The current Mucha exhibition is well curated too.

Carnegie Arts Center

The Problem Is That Too Many People Feel Unwelcome in Galleries and Theaters

Growing up, my siblings and I were surrounded by art. In our house, jazz and opera were always playing, literature lined the shelves, and the work of local artists hung on the walls. My father taught theater history at California State University, Stanislaus, in Turlock, directed plays, and even acted now and then. My mother, an accomplished musician, played piano, organ, and guitar. Both made sure my siblings and I were exposed to museums, live theater, and music. We saw just about every play my father directed at Stan State. My parents rarely took the two-hour drive into San Francisco without at least some of my five siblings tagging along. The theaters at the American Conservatory Theater, the Legion of Honor, the de Young museum, and the San Francisco Museum…

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Boy Thought His Father Was A Loser, Realizes He Was Completely Wrong

Commence waterworks.

Thought Catalog

We all have our misconceptions. This boy in the video believed that his father is a loser. He believed that his father was uninspiring and was poor. This clouded his judgment and spurned him to not be like his father. Although he thought he was happy escaping poverty, he didn’t see his father for what he actually was. Now it’s too late for him and his father. Commence the tears. [tc-mark]

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When You’re Interning, There’s A Three-Word Solution To Getting Hired

I have seen so many interns crash and burn when it comes time to hire for a permanent spot because they didn’t heed this advice. They’re nice only to the people they think can help them get a leg up, and when the people they previously gave ’tude to turn out to be the hiring managers, it bites ’em in the ass. Just be nice. And do the shit!

Thought Catalog

I interned for 21 months with the company that would eventually hire me. It was a three-month opportunity that was repeatedly extended until headcount was finally approved almost two years later. I learned a lot during that time, including what was necessary to get hired – but I didn’t think this article would need to be written. I believed that today’s college and post-college kids have enough wisdom and ambition to figure it out on their own. Or at least I used to, until I was invited to speak to a group of students from my college who were preparing to graduate and looking for internships, and one of them (a PR major) gave me this mindblower:

“I’m sort of working an internship right now, like, ish. But I really need to find a new one. They keep asking me to do stupid stuff like make spreadsheets and run errands…

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Art by Mail: A Seasonal Flashback

Mail art, so cool! I’m a sucker for buying cute stationery and sharing it with friends through the mail, but I’ve never actually given the envelopes the scrapbook treatment. Cool idea.

the suburban pen pal

Hello again! I hope you’ve all had a chance to check out the Making Mail documentary trailer. I can’t wait to see the film! I’ve been delinquint again in posting, but I’m proud to say that I did manage to get some holiday mail out this year. Surprisingly, I actually stuck to the same theme for all of my holiday mail, which never happens. I ended up using my new how-to books on masonry and electrical (thank you Savers!). Anyway, I want to wish everyone a wonderful holiday and a very happy new year!

Alice frontAlice backDavid front 2David frontDavid backDOnovan frontDOnovan backCodi back 2COdi front 2Codi frontCodi backClare frontClare backAlice front 2Alice back 3Charlotte frontCharlotte backMatt frontMatt backGinger frontMichelle frontMichelle backRachel CarterQ holidayMichelle holidauRachel holiday frontRachel holiday backClare holidayCharlotte holidayDOnovan holiday 1D holiday 2D holiday 3D holiday 4D holiday 5DOnovan holiday 6Donovan holiday 7

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Sunset Eat Fresh, Day 5: You need a little sweetness in your life.

(My final post for Sunset’s 2014 Eat Fresh Challenge.)


The end of the 2014 Eat Fresh Challenge calls for

a bite-size chocolate party, don’t you think?
Well, at least a chocolate beignet or two.

Who: Trina Enriquez, copy editor

I gave up: Chocolate and added/refined sugars in desserts

The biggest challenge:Remembering which foods actually have chocolate and sugar in them. Chicken mole enchiladas? Duh. “Healthy” spiced yogurt muffin? Ditto. I felt a little forlorn opting out on the chocolate cream pie at a work party this week too.

My takeaway: Cutting way down on sugar, even for five days, has made me acutely aware of just how much I consume on the fly. Little bit here, little bit there adds up! I’ve known for a while that I needed to do something like this sugar fast, so it’s actually been a relief to shuffle off the responsibility on the Eat Fresh Challenge. Left to my own…

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