Now this is a class I could get behind! I’ve eyed The Basics (Series I and II) and Tante Marie’s for ages and recognize Liano’s name as having previously been a lead instructor for those series, so it’s exciting to have another option in that regard—particularly one that seems to be focused on technique. But […]

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On being well rounded

While rereading an October 2011 Brain Pickings roundup of Steve Jobs quotations, I got to thinking that Jobs’s views on the importance of a broad-based education echo certain sentiments in “The Education of an Artist,” a chapter in The Shape of Content by Ben Shahn. In particular there’s a quote by Jobs from the February 1996 issue […]

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Mindy Kaling

I was tickled to see Mindy Kaling’s contribution to the April 2012 Ladies’ Home Journal article “A Memo to My Younger Self” (which seems to have been inspired by Julie Orringer’s “Note to Sixth-Grade Self,” a coming-of-age tale so awesome it deserves its own blog post). I always like to hear about people who spent […]

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Karbiener and Whitman

How amazing would it be to spend a summer taking a Walt Whitman poetry class in New York City with a professor who’s both incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about teaching his oeuvre? • Poetry Students Take a Walk in Walt Whitman’s Footsteps (Christian Science Monitor) • Summer Course Explores New York City Through Walt Whitman’s […]

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Egon Schiele and David Bowie

One of the most exciting things about writing my master’s thesis on the contemporary relevance of fin-de-siècle Viennese artist Egon Schiele’s portraits is scouting the works of artists, photographers, performers, and fashion designers today whose aesthetic reflects his influence. I love making those tangible connections between past and present. In the nascent stages of my research, […]

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