10 Seinfeld Quotes That Sum Up Your Life Perfectly

#9 is exactly the way you want to be and what you want to say when something or someone enrages you to no end. Ha! If only we could be as eloquent in the moment and not after the fact (in our own heads).

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Seinfeld is, of course, the best show of all time (to quote Poppy, quite fittingly, “On this issue there’s no debate!”). For those of you who are less fanatical about it than I am (which is a bit disappointing, as an aside), you might not realize that it serves as an incredibly accurate blueprint of human behavior. It’s a biblical document, in its way.

Here are ten quotes that will hopefully convince you that the Seinfeld writers already canvassed your life problems. Consult the show to see how things turn out (Hint: not well. Sorry).

1. “Ahh, what’s the point? When I like them, they don’t like me, when they like me I don’t like them. Why can’t I act with the ones I like the way I do with the ones I don’t like?”

My all-time favourite quote from the show. Part of the genius of it is in…

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Watch This Incredible A Capella Cover Of Lorde’s “Royals” That Might Even Be Better Than The Original

As one of my Facebook friends put it after I reposted: The a capella group Pentatonix’s cover of “Royals” by Lorde is a “dope cover of a dope song.”

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Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 1.00.14 PM

I have never been so tormented by a song. I LOVE Lorde. But I also LOVE Pentatonix, and they absolutely crush every song they ever cover (often, I prefer their version over the original). They just may be the greatest thing to come from a televised talent competition since Kelly Clarkson, and I would never say that lightly, as Kelly Clarkson is a goddess.

My heart is entirely torn between the two, and while the ultimate respect while always have to go to the amazing original, I may actually be a little more infatuated with this acapella version right now. Somehow it manages to keep that clean, minimal feel while adding a significant amount of flourish — it’s just too good. I’ll leave it up to you to decide for yourself. [tc-mark]

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McKellen and Stewart at the Berkeley Rep

Managed to snag tix to the sold-out run of No Man’s Land at the Berkeley Rep after the theater released some seats Friday afternoon. Three seconds after word went out on Facebook and Twitter, I jumped on the horn—screw trying to get through on the website! By the time I got through to a live person, there was literally one ticket left that hadn’t already been placed in someone’s online cart. So I snatched it up! Row E, a bit pricey for me, but stellar view. And the experience was bound to be epic.

After the show…

Ian McKellen Berkeley Rep No Man's Land

Look, look! It’s Sir Ian McKellen! Of course I can’t help grinning like a foo.

Patrick Stewart Berkeley Rep

Charles Xavier…er, Sir Patrick Stewart.

Several times during the performance, I had to pinch myself and be like, I cannot believe I am watching these two thespians live onstage.  My mind would flash to images of Gandalf and the Balrog, Magneto and Jean-Luc Picard, Richard III and The Merchant of Venice before audience laughter pulled me back into my seat.

Ian McKellen No Man's Land Berkeley Rep

Made my decade.

P.S. Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen’s friendship is the best friendship in the world.

Piano by the sea

There’s a guy—an artist, a pianist—by the fitting name of Mauro Ffortissimo who, with the help of some friends, recently rolled out an aging baby grand piano onto the bluffs of Half Moon Bay, California, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, so that during the day passersby might plink away at the keys. But during the past few successive sundowns, he’s sat down to play a half-hour recital of Chopin, Debussy, and Schumann—partly for pure pleasure, but also to demo how exposure to sun, wind, and fog is rapidly changing the way the piano plays the same pieces.

628x471 628x471-2

He has no permit, so city officials have told him the piano has to clear out by Thursday (Valentine’s Day). But what a cool moment, right? Imagine bundling up, mug of hot toddy in hand, and listening to this unexpected and yet wonderful bit of whimsy as the sun sets and waves roll ashore.

Read more at SFGate and UPI.

(photos by Jessica Olthof for the San Francisco Chronicle)

Christmas lights

When it comes to holiday lights, some people don’t mess around. This place is perhaps the most famous of the famed lighted houses along Eucalyptus Avenue in San Carlos, California.

eucalyptus 1

eucalyptus 3

eucalyptus 2

The owner was recently featured on Yahoo! News. “Walking Eucalyptus Street during the holidays is a magical journey. The twinkling lights, the decorations, the music, the sound of people enjoying the show in English and other languages — it’s festive enough to cheer up the most committed Scrooge. I overheard a little boy tell his dad, ‘This is blowing my mind!’ with typical 6-year-old enthusiasm.”

I’ll never get tired of that glee in seeing fun holiday lights, either.

eucalyptus 4

eucalyptus 5

eucalyptus 6

Though I should note that for all the dazzle and fanfare, there was no actual nativity scene anywhere (that we saw) on the block.

On the evening of The Mindy Project’s official premiere…

…here’s the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine interview “Dialed In” with Mindy Kaling, who graduated in ’01, as well as a Dartmouth Independent Q&A she and her best friend, actress & playwright Brenda Withers ’00, did in 2009. It’s all about roots (or at least as far as the online ones go)! Plus here’s today’s “Thirty-Three Facts You Learn About Mindy Kaling by Hanging Around Her” along with the September 17, 2012, cover story from New York/Vulture, in case you didn’t see it on newsstand.

A couple of blurbs from today’s “Thirty-Three Facts”:

Apparently what impressed her father the most about her having her own show was her parking space, right outside her office door and adjacent to Dick Wolf’s. Says co-star/writer Ike Barinholtz (formerly the Russian pitcher on Eastbound & Down), “He visited the set and then wrote her an e-mail after he left, like, ‘Mindy, it was so great to see you and your wonderful writers and your actors and congratulations on your show and your premium parking.’ That was a big deal for him: ‘Wow, my daughter has parking right next to her office.’ It’s really touching.”

And this:

Kaling plans on using her character as a conduit for expressing her strong opinions on, well, everything. “In one episode, my best friend is like, ‘I have such a girl crush on Tina Fey.’ And I’m like, ‘Just say you have a crush on her, or that you really like her.’ I take issue with the phrase ‘girl crush,’ and I take issue with someone being like, ‘Oh is she your bestie?’ I’m an adult woman. She’s my best friend. I don’t have a bestie or a BFF. Don’t infantilize me.”

Go, Mindy! Bet her mom would be so proud. Actually, I’m sure she is.

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Hahaha, this is awesome. And so, so true! The situation in “The Movie” has always struck me as easily avoidable with a cell phone (of any kind, really) too.

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I love Seinfeld. I’m not a super fan or obsessive about it (especially since the show ran while I was ages 2-11) but I’m always up for it, because it always makes me laugh. There’s a Seinfeld episode for every random life situation. That’s what’s so great about it. The show ended 15 years ago, but somehow it still resonates with people. Except for one minor thing: most episodes of Seinfeld would be impossible today.

Think about it. Think of all those really great episodes, and all those moments that leave George, Elaine, Kramer and Jerry baffled, where you and I would just pull out a cell phone. Technology has sky-rocketed in the past 20 years, and a lot of their sticky situations could easily be averted with an iPhone. There are countless incidents where they needed to get a hold of one another in a pinch, or look…

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