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I learned how to print on a letterpress yesterday. It was an awesome experience. Here’s the back story; although most of the work I do is for the corporation I work for, from time to time we do pro bono work. Almost a year ago we did a letterhead system…

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Originally posted on Subject Obscura:
With one click of the mouse, I became a collector. I bought a second typewriter. The new: Olympia Model “S” I bought my first typewriter in October 2011.  Goodwill opened a store in the area, which my partner and I promptly checked out. It turned out to be a well-planned…

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Tiny star letterpress

I am a lover of paper products that can be written or created on, so of course I find these stardust letterpress cards from Pheasant Press both charming and dreamy. If I were an artist, I’d draw a spare vertical figure down the center of it, or some otherworldly landscape, and give it as a […]

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L.M. Montgomery postcards

Only a true Anne lover would understand the appeal of these postcards: 20 first-edition L.M. Montgomery covers that feature Anne Shirley, Emily Starr, Rilla Blythe, et al. (Click through to the Sullivan website to zoom in on the images.) When I was about 10 or 11, lazing about on my summer vacation, my mom urged […]

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