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I learned how to print on a letterpress yesterday. It was an awesome experience. Here’s the back story; although most of the work I do is for the corporation I work for, from time to time we do pro bono work. Almost a year ago we did a letterhead system…

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Originally posted on Subject Obscura:
With one click of the mouse, I became a collector. I bought a second typewriter. The new: Olympia Model “S” I bought my first typewriter in October 2011.  Goodwill opened a store in the area, which my partner and I promptly checked out. It turned out to be a well-planned…

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Tiny star letterpress

I am a lover of paper products that can be written or created on, so of course I find these stardust letterpress cards from Pheasant Press both charming and dreamy. If I were an artist, I’d draw a spare vertical figure down the center of it, or some otherworldly landscape, and give it as a […]

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L.M. Montgomery postcards

Only a true Anne lover would understand the appeal of these postcards: 20 first-edition L.M. Montgomery covers that feature Anne Shirley, Emily Starr, Rilla Blythe, et al. (Click through to the Sullivan website to zoom in on the images.) When I was about 10 or 11, lazing about on my summer vacation, my mom urged […]

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A Collection a Day

Speaking of Lisa Congdon and her project 365 Days of Hand Lettering, I also like her Collection a Day series. First became acquainted with it through 20×200, when her print Day 256: Vintage Airline Tags caught my eye. I bought an 8×10 copy and propped it up on one of my bookshelves at work. It appeals to my inveterate […]

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Egg Press sample sale

Super-stoked to see that Portland, Oregon–based Egg Press has kicked off its online sample sale! Each grab bag comes with 10 cards and envelopes from Egg Press samples and slightly imperfect seconds. (Hey, imperfection adds character, and I love letterpress.) And each grab bag is only $10! I already ordered two. You can make yours […]

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