Amsterdam: Anne Frank House

It’d be easy to walk right by the Anne Frank House and not realize what it is, except for the line snaking out the entrance (which you can’t see in this photo, but it’s there! It’s off to the right, entering the building next door that has since become part of the museum). Looking up […]

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Amsterdam: Van Gogh Museum

The one souvenir I’d wanted to bring home from Amsterdam was a copy of Barbara Stok’s graphic novel Vincent in English, from the Van Gogh Museum bookshop. When I got there the Friday night I arrived, though, it was completely sold out—and the soonest it’d be back in stock was the day after I left! Blarg. Only after I […]

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I enjoy museums as places to read, absorb, and pique my curiosity as well as stoke my love of learning. (They appeal to the introvert in me.) My favorite Bay Area museum may actually be the San Jose Museum of Art … it’s small, but well curated, fun, informative, and down-to-earth in its presentation. Plus […]

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Originally posted on Ordinary Time:
Two weekends ago, two of my girlfriends and I visited the newest exhibit at the Frist Center for Visual Arts: Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age.  It was interesting to see the influence of Protestantism on art after the Netherlands broke from Catholic Spain, and while still life isn’t my…

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