Minnesota poetry walk

One brisk, golden day, my friend Shona and I set out to realize one of my longtime dreams: tracking down my favorite Everyday Poems for City Sidewalk in St. Paul, Minnesota. Ever since I first read about the public-arts project years ago in the Christian Science Monitor, I’ve wanted to stroll those sidewalks myself. Judging from […]

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Mindy Kaling

I was tickled to see Mindy Kaling’s contribution to the April 2012 Ladies’ Home Journal article “A Memo to My Younger Self” (which seems to have been inspired by Julie Orringer’s “Note to Sixth-Grade Self,” a coming-of-age tale so awesome it deserves its own blog post). I always like to hear about people who spent […]

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In my closet sit stacks of scrapbooks stuffed with letters, articles, snapshots, ticket stubs, museum brochures, and other whatnot that I’ve kept since I was an undergrad. They’re like little time capsules I can go back to now and then, to remember what was important to me at a given time in my life. And […]

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